About Smokeless Fires

It all started at a Bachelor party braai. The initial idea was to take a small concrete, fire place with a fan blowing air into the unit to achieve a better flame. The objective was to have the braai ready within 20 minutes and have no cleanup afterwards. The design allowed for temperature control and which would then allow for accurate cooking.
Once a few sticks were thrown into the fire once the fire got up to temperature we noticed that there wasn’t any smoke visible from the fire and so the idea of the smokeless fire pits came into thought. The first designs were based around how to maximize the airflow without the use of a computer operated fan to obtain a n effective combustion temperature of the wood.
The unit was altered thereafter to be lifted off of the ground to draw air in through the bottom of the fire which in effect pushes the smoke up and out of the unit. The final design change came in the form of changing the build material of the fireplaces to stainless steel cylinders that last incredibly well and create a new aesthetic so that the product is more desirable to a larger customer base.
Glen du Preez
Barry Hulley Wannabe
Email:       glen@thenguniguy.co.za
Cell:          +(27) 65 270 0935
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