Lux Smokeless Fire Pit


Our flagship SMOKELESS unit is built to last. Big enough to be a backyard feature in even the largest of gardens, but still easily moved, the LUX SMOKELESS fire pit is the last (and best) fire pit you’ll ever buy.

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Your LUX SMOKELESS fire pit will make an immediate impact on you and your loved ones. It burns hotter, more efficiently, reduces contaminants, reduces eye and lung irritants in the air, and won’t leave you smelling like a camp fire. The LUX allows you to start a fire quickly, and our double wall design creates a radiating heat as each jet of hot air over the fire reduces the amount of smoke being produced. Smoke is a product of bad design, and inefficient burning. Your LUX SMOKELESS fire pit burns wood so efficiently you’ll only be left with a very fine ash, and a very easy clean up. Did we mention they come with a Lifetime Warranty? Buy yours today, and change your backyard for the better, forever.

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 90 × 80 × 63 cm

Sleek, Modern Aesthetic
Burns Hotter
Reduces Eye Irritation
Reduces Lung Irritation
Reduces Cleanup
Reduces Waste (Burns Efficiently)
Can Be Used For Cooking
Stops That "Camp Fire" Smell
Only Portable Firepit in South Africa


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