The Future Of The Outdoor Firepit

Smokeless FirePlace

Luxury Redefined

Share the warmth of an open sky flame without the hassles of smoke


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Smokeless FirePlace

Form Follows Function

The beautiful aesthetic of your SMOKELESS Firepit is born out of it’s functionality, giving it a minimilist, modern, and industrial design that will fit in to any style home. 

It looks good, and it works well, making it the best firepit on the market today.

Your SMOKELESS Firepit has a large heat radius that can accomodate up to 20 people on a cold day. The double wall design maximizes combustion using simply designed aerodynamics.

SMOKELESS means less black carbon smoke will be released into the air, so you won't have to wash (and rewash) your shirt, jacket, and even hair to get rid of that "just been camping" smell.

Your SMOKELESS unit produces so little smoke that there is way less irritation to your eyes and lungs. You won't be rubbing your eyes all night or coughing your way into the next day. Your respiratory system will thank you.

Your SMOKELESS Firepit is portable, unlike a majority of its outdated, permanantly installed competitors. The flagship unit can easily be moved by two people, so you can use it in your backyard, courtyard, patio, on a wooden deck, or anywhere else in the great outdoors.

While the main purpose of your SMOKELESS Fire is to be (ahem) smokeless, you can get added value by using this beautiful feat of engineering to cook, too. Whether you throw a pot or pan on top, or slap on a grid for a braai, this sleek firepit is as multifacted as they come.

The efficiency of your SMOKELESS unit means it can burn at higher temperatures, and almost always down to a very fine ash. It also reduces the amount of leftover ash. The next day, all you need is a small dustpan, and you'll be ready to fire it up again!


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  1. producing or emitting little or no smoke

Cast iron and stainless steel construction ensure a long lasting product that will work for life.

304 quality stainless steel can stand up to heat, wind, sun, and rain without showing signs of wear for years.

There's a reason stainless steel is used in everything from kitchenware to construction. Architects, designers, and decorators alike all agree: stainless steel has an aesthetic appeal like no other.

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