'smoke·less' [ smohk-lis ]

/ adjective / emitting, producing, or having little or no smoke

The Original | Smokeless Fire


I Want It

The Scout | Smokeless Fire


Give It To Me

form follows function

Not Just a Pretty Face

The beautiful aesthetic of your Smokeless Firepit is born of it's game-changing functionality. Industrial grade stainless steel gives a minimalist, modern, and industrial design to match any style home.


304 quality stainless can stand up to heat, wind, sun, and rain for years without showing any signs of wear

Braai & Potjie

Can it get any better? Your smokeless unit can be easily converted to a flame grill or charcoal braai, or the centerpiece for your next Potjie night with one of our accessories.

Intelligent Design

Smokeless units have a double wall design, using aerodynamics to maximize combustion and burn away excess carbon.

local is lekker

Proudly South African

Smokeless Fires are designed and manufactured in the KZN Midlands.


your Smokeless Firepit is portable, unlike its outdated, permanantly installed competitors. Use yours in your backyard, your favorite camping site, or anywhere else in the great outdoors.


each Smokeless unit comes standard with a heat diffuser, so you can burn it on a wooden deck, grass, tile, or even carpet, and not worry about what's underneath

Less Irritation

with so little smoke, there is way less irritation to your eyes and lungs. You won't be rubbing your eyes all night or coughing your way into the next day. Your respiratory system will thank you.